News of

2011-07-09 Added deepin, deepin-cd and freebsd.
2011-06-20 Many many thanks to luli, added 8T disk spaces.
2011-05-15 Added debian-multimedia and clfs.
2011-04-21 Added opensuse (not complete, only opensuse-hotstuff-80gb) and centos.
2010-07-21 It becomes official mirror of KDE.
2010-07-20 XunLei (Ѹ) is blocked, please don't use it for downloading isos and softwares.
2010-05-28 We added 3T disk spaces, thanks luli. Now we are adding fedora and gentoo.
2010-05-02 Since load is too high due to ubuntu-releases downloading, we currently disable them, but still available via ftp.
2010-05-01 It is offcial mirror of archlinux and ubuntu.